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Why Can't Health Care be Provided in a More Timely Manner?

Given that health care providers and patients have identical goals - to have the presenting problem solved with equally high degrees of speed, economy and kindness - why do many diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes take so painfully long to achieve?  It's because bottlenecks exist at every stage of the problem-solving process.  They not only generate delays in diagnosis and treatment, they also cause the waste of everyone's valuable time, while incurring needless inconvenience and expense.  There are three types of patient management bottlenecks.  Each is the consequence of a "process", "tool" or "compensation source" that every health care provider's office relies on.  Bottlenecks are the equivalent of side effects caused by a prescribed medication.  When side effects occur, we switch to an alternate medication.  The ConsultSTAT Platform provides an equivalent strategy to rectify patient management bottlenecks.

Patients waiting

Red Flags for Process-Driven Bottlenecks

Inter-office and intra-office bottlenecks exist:  when you're 'on-hold' on the phone for longer than one minute;  when it takes more than a day from the date of request for the referring doctor to receive a consultation appointment date;  when it takes more than a month for the patient to see a specialist or to undergo a specialized test or procedure; when it takes more than a few days for the referring doctor to receive consult and test reports; when it takes more than a few days for the referring doctor to discuss the report with the patient and implement a treatment plan.  Most process-driven bottlenecks can be eliminated by replacing the processes that generate them.

Red Flags for Compensation-Driven Bottlenecks

These bottlenecks exist when there are too few resources available to meet the demand, resulting in ever-expanding waiting lists for insured services and inflated fees for non-insured services.  As long as government is the primary paymaster, these bottlenecks cannot be eliminated and may become more severe over time.  However, they can be circumvented by collaborative triaging between referring doctor and service provider - on a patient-by-patient basis - to evaluate the need for the service and to explore alternative diagnostic or therapeutic management options.    

Doctor in Handcuffs
Fax technology disruption

Red Flags for Tool-Driven Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks represent technical inefficiencies that occur within an office when slow, outdated communication systems are in place.  They also  occur between offices, whenever disparate communication technologies try to interact.   Phone, fax, efax, email, paper mail, computer 'talk' at different speeds and 'speak' in different languages.  When we add mechanical and human inefficiencies to these system mismatches, delays are inevitable.  Tool-driven bottlenecks tend to aggravate pre-existing process-driven bottlenecks.  They are best eliminated by replacing multiple, poorly-compatible tools with one speed-optimized, standardized, communication modality.

The Solution May be a Two-Edged Sword

Modernizing health communication devices and associated office processes will eliminate the majority of office bottlenecks, provided they're implemented correctly.  However, the improper selection of technology will simply generate a different set of bottlenecks along with additional, unforeseen problems, as was experienced by early adopters of EMRs.

Doctor in Handcuffs

The ConsultSTAT Solution Summarized

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In order to eliminate bottlenecks and expedite health care solutions, we've developed a comprehensive communication Platform that has three overriding objectives: to help practitioners solve patients' problems as quickly as possible; to assure that they are financially rewarded for their efforts and to introduce a humanizing digital technology: one which mirrors and never distorts the way people naturally communicate; one which enhances and never undermines the way doctors practice.  

 The ConsultSTAT Health Communication Platform guarantees secure, expedited communication for all stakeholders.  The Platform is multi-faceted, with a number of distinct, fully integrated components: practice-specific Portals, a telemedicine service for eVisits and eConsults, a broadcast service, a practice marketing service and an online payment processor.  

At the heart of the Platform is the Practice Portal. There are three distinct Portal types: one tailored for primary health care provider, one for consultant and one for diagnostic lab or procedure facility.  Each ConsultSTAT Practice Portal is a complete, self-contained communication hub.  It provides the practice with an expedited, digital alternative to phone, fax, efax and email communication.  In addition to built-in online scheduling, document transfer and intercom functionality, each ConsultSTAT Portal also includes office performance and productivity analysis tools.  It seamlessly integrates with the Platform's Telemedicine, Broadcast, Marketing and Online Payment Processing technologies.  In addition to managing office visit scheduling, our telemedicine-enabled Portals permit health care providers to schedule and conduct pre-paid eVisits and eConsults with patients as alternatives to office visits.   Similarly, in addition to managing office consultation scheduling, our Portals let specialists schedule and conduct eConfers with referring doctors, in order to triage referrals and to offer patient management advice in lieu of an office consultation.  Uniquely, all telemedicine interactions are automatically recorded and downloaded to form part of the patient's medical record.

Patient-members  and pharmacy-members can instantly and securely connect to their health care provider's Portal from any internet-enabled location. They can log in at any time, using any device.  Similarly, referring doctor-members can connect either to a consultant's Portal or to a diagnostic/procedure facility's Portal.   

 Here's an example of the communication network built out as a result of one patient becoming a member of his Family Doctor's Portal and of one of his Specialist's Portals.  

ConsultSTAT Platform Description

We believe that the ConsultSTAT Platform is the future of health communication because it's the only solution that yields a win-win for all stakeholders.  It facilitates speedy, secure problem-solving and generates new revenue streams for practitioners, while maintaining our natural mode of communicating: normal, narrative language.  Our cloud-based Platform services can be accessed by any browser and therefore can operate alongside any EMR or paper record system.  A ConsultSTAT Portal and its associated services can be integrated into any practice overnight with minimal disruption, with high patient and staff acceptance rates.

"Swiss-Army Knife" Portal Features

Inside a ConsultSTAT Practice Portal, using only existing desktop or laptop computers - working from office or home - with no additional hardware or software requirements, health care providers and support staff can instantly:

  • Schedule office visits and telemedicine eVisits/eConsults online in a CS-Triage Portal.
  • Schedule office referral consultations and telemedicine eConfers online in a CS-Refer Portal.
  • Schedule lab/procedure visits online in a CS-Services Portal.
  • Receive a complete, organized description of the patient's problem(s) in advance of the visit. 
  • Notify & Remind Portal members of office & telemedicine appointments automatically.
  • Notify & Rebook patients for 'no show' appointments.
  • Conduct live, voice-based eVisits/eConsults with patients & pharmacists.
  • Participate in live, voice-based eConfers with colleagues to discuss patients.
  • Record & Save all telemedicine communications to the patient medical record.
  • Request diagnostic tests and procedures online.
  • Send/Receive documents - including lab requisitions/test results, consult requests/reports, prescription renewals/modifications - instantly and securely via Portal upload/download feature.
  • Renew/Modify prescriptions online.
  • Receive & Process pre-payment online for telemedicine and all other non-insured services.
  • Intercom with office staff.
  • Document & Save every word of the entire CS-Triage Portal patient-staff-doctor discussion thread to the patient's medical record, to protect all parties medico-legally.
  • CreatePublish & Promote separate video web pages to market products & services to Portal members.
  • Broadcast educational and marketing messages to all Portal members simultaneously.
  • Manage multiple primary care or specialist offices with one Portal, from any location.
  • Use customary office workflows and existing electronic/paper medical record system, booking & insurer-billing systems.
  • Reduce waiting room backups automatically, with the patient flow streamlining feature incorporated into the Portal's scheduling logic.
  • Monitor & Boost staff performance and office productivity with built-in Lean Office Process metrics.

Faster, More Efficient Communication = Faster Solution to Patients' Problems

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Components of the ConsultSTAT Platform

Three Portal Categories  - Each Utilizing Four Distinct Game-Changing Technologies
ConsultSTAT Triage Portal
ConsultSTAT-Triage Portal

Collaborative Communication Portal For Every Primary Care & Specialist/Consultant Health Care Provider

Connects patients with the health care provider's office to request & receive office visit, eVisit/eConsult appointments; to receive automated appointment reminders, test results, advice & information; to securely transfer documents. 

Connects pharmacies with ​the health care provider's office to request prescription renewal or modification and to securely deliver prescription forms.

ConsultSTAT Services Portal
ConsultSTAT-Services Portal

Collaborative Communication Portal For Every Diagnostic Lab and Procedure Facility

Connects primary health care providers and specialists with the diagnostic lab's or procedure facility's office, to request and receive appointments for patients; to receive automated appointment reminders;  to securely exchange requisitions and test result/procedure reports.

ConsultSTAT Broadcast Service

Digital Broadcast Technology 

Provides information, education and marketing broadcasts from primary health care provider or specialist to all or selected segments of patient portal members; from consultant to all or selected segments of referring health care provider portal members; from lab/procedure facility to referring health care provider Portal members.

CS-Marketer Service

Online Web Marketing Suite 

Provides online tools, which allow providers - with minimal IT skill - to build and publish individual video web pages.  Each page promotes the sale of a product or service that is targeted to Portal members.  Hyperlinks to these pages are delivered to members via CS-Broadcast.

ConsultSTAT Refer Portal
ConsultSTAT-Refer Portal

Collaborative Communication Portal For Every Specialist/Consultant Health Care Provider

Connects referring health care providers with the consultant's office to request and receive office consult and eConfer appointments for patients; to receive automated appointment reminders; to securely exchange referral request letters and consult reporting letters; to receive advice and ongoing mentoring about individual patient management issues. 

Connects pharmacies with ​the consultant's office to request prescription renewal or modification and to securely deliver prescription forms, for referred patients.

ConsultSTAT Voice Service

Telephony-based Telemedicine

Provides computer- or phone-based, real-time voice communication between health care provider and patient for eVisits/eConsults and between consultant and referring health care provider for eConfers regarding a patient. Both sides of an eConsult or eConfer conversation are automatically recorded, then downloaded and added to the patient's permanent medical record. 

ConsultSTAT Pay Service

Online Payment Processor/Gateway Technology

Provides a separate payment processing gateway for each Portal, facilitating patient online payment and pre-payment for non-insured services, including eVisits/eConsults, eConfers, missed appointments, third party services that are fulfilled online, annual portal membership fees, etc.  Click the image for a live example, which demonstrates how we use ConsultSTAT-Pay on this site to process subscriptions.

Expedited CommunicationSavings in Time, Money and Resources for Everyone

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Features You Won't Want to Run a Practice Without

Built for Profitability

Reduce Overhead: The Portal's built-in logic implements Lean Office Processes to increase the efficiency of both primary care and referred patient flow, from the time an appointment is requested until after it is fulfilled and completed.  The Portal replaces multiple, labour- and time- intensive technologies with one economical, secure, Telemedicine-enabled communication hub.

Increase Income: ConsultSTAT creates new revenue streams based on expedited communication.  The Platform enables pre-paid, recorded, text or voice eVisits/eConsults between doctor and patient and eConfers between doctors regarding their patient. Additionally,  it permits health care providers to create and publish independent video web pages - distinct from their Portal pages - to market health-related products and services to Portal members.

ConsultSTAT makes patient payment for non-insured services fast and easy, with a built-in, online payment processor gateway.

A Single, Collaborative Communication Hub that Saves Everyone Time

Replace Phone, Fax, eFax, eMail:    ConsultSTAT gets office staff off of phone lines for both office visit and eVisit/eConsult appointment scheduling and for information delivery.  It gets office staff off of faxes and mail for both office referral and eConfer scheduling and fulfillment and for document transfer.  It lets their fingers do the talking for most interactions with patients and pharmacies.  ConsultSTAT gets doctors onto online telephony, enabling remote, paid interactions with patients  and remote interactions with colleagues regarding their patients.

Collaborate: Portals are structured to let people dialogue and problem-solve using normal language, exactly as they would by phone or face to face, only much faster.​

Communicate: ConsultSTAT is the first stand-alone, complete health care communication system.  It's not an electronic record system or government billing system. It runs parallel to and complements every electronic or paper medical record system. 

Universally Accessible by Staff, Patients and Provider

From Anywhere:  Connect with your Portal from the office, hospital, home, cottage...from any location worldwide.

Any Time: Your Portal is open 24/7 to schedule an appointment, ask or answer a question and transfer documents.

Using Any Device:  Desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device for text or voice communication.

ConsultSTAT-Triage and ConsultSTAT-Refer Portals are designed for every office-based, primary care and consultant health care professional, including medical doctor, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, physiotherapist, etc.

ConsultSTAT-Services Portals are designed for every private office- and hospital-based diagnostic lab and procedure facility.

Expedited Communication = New Revenue Streams for Canadian Health Care Providers

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